The Central Valley :
Heart of demographic, economic and cultural development

Central Valley-coffee plantation

Volcanoes dominate the highlands overlooking the central plateau of the country : a wide valley at an altitude of about 1 000 m.

The climate is ideal (25 °) all year, which explains in part that two thirds of the country's population live here.

With its steep slopes covered with verdant forests and trees, the region offers astonishing views.

Beautiful roads cross the mountains through green coffee plantations, pastures and fresh cedar and pine in altitude. Most of the mountain forests are now protected.

Poas Volcano

National parks and nature reserves are the delight of hikers and nature lovers.

With its butterflies farms and coffee plantations, its volcanoes, its excursions into the canopy and rivers suitable for rafting, the region is the greatest concentration of tourist attractions in the country.

Central Valley

Costa Rica