What does TACACORI mean?
Tacacori is the name of the village closest to the Ecolodge. It is also the name of the small stream that you see at the end of our discovery path.

In what category is the hotel ranked ?
We are a small hotel filed under the category of Ecolodge because our intention was to make a harmony with nature, read our environmental commitment. We are going to apply to the fair tourim organizations and to the ICT to get further recognition.

What is an ecolodge ?
An ecolodge is an accommodation of mostly small capacity which adopts an ecotourism policy at several levels:
- Minimization of the impact of structure on the environment
- Participation in environmental protection
- Development of projects for improving the well-being of visited people
- Participation in public awareness and local communities for environmental and cultural preservation, and developing intercultural exchange.

What is ecotourism ?
Ecotourism is a form of responsible travelling experience to natural areas that contribute to environmental protection and well-being of local people. Read our environmental commitment.

Tacacori Ecolodge - Patrick et Nadine Who will be your host TACACORI Ecolodge ?
Nadine and Patrick, the owners of the lodge are French. After travelling intensivelly troughout the world, they fell in love with Costa Rica. Since 1997, they came back about fifteen times to gradually discover all aspects and all parts of the country. They recently decided to settle in the heart of the Central Valley and to use their experience of travelers to create an intimate hotel, both authentic and respectful of nature and local culture while meeting the standards of comfort, security and hospitality, values travelers from around the world deserve nowadays.
Read the entire history of the creation of TACACORI Ecolodge and the latest news on our blog (only in French)

What are the GPS of the ecolodge?
The GPS coordinates are : 10°.03′.36″ N and 84°.12′.32.2″ W

At what altitude is the ecolodge ?
TACACORI Ecolodge is situated 1 200 meters above sea level.

Ticos and Ticas

 Cavalier tico - Costa Rica

Costa Ricans call themselves and are called by the rest of Latin Americans poeple the Ticos and the Ticas. This affectionate nickname comes from the fact that in their talk, the Ticos often add "tico" or "tica" at the end of a words to say "less".
For example, chico (small) will become chiquitico (even smaller) !

The school in Costa Rica

écoliers - Costa Rica

The school, compulsory and free for all children in the country, occupies an important place in the life of Costa Ricans who attach great importance to it.
Children go to school all year round, except during major holidays, between late December and early February, and, of course, other holidays scattered throughout the year.
To attend school, children must wear a uniform. If you go near a school at the end of the school day, no doubt you'll have the chance to see the flood of running happy children come to buy juice and candy, and you will surely be granted a few curious glances and many sincere smiles.