What is the opening TACACORI Ecolodge ?
The lodge is open all year.

What are your check-in and check-out times?
The check-in time is 2pm and check-out time is 11am.

How will early check-in or late check-out affect my rates?
If your arrival is early in the morning and you prefer immediate access to your room (before 2 pm), we recommend reserving for the prior night to garantee immediate access. Similary for late departures, reserving an additional night will garantee access until you leave the hotel.

For EARLY check-in
Normal check-in time is 2pm.
Early check-in request, between 08 AM and 02 PM, is subject to availability and will be charged at $10 per hour.

For LATE check-out
Normal check-out time is 11am.
Depending on the occupancy of the hotel, we may allow you to check out later than 11am for a surcharge stated below.

  • Until 2pm·····30% of room fee
  • Until 4pm·····50% of room fee
  • After 4pm·····100% of room fee
(Note: These surcharges will be applied on top of the full fare.)

What is the most suitable period to stay at the ecolodge ?
Despite its modest size, the country has a surprising variety of microclimates, regional or even local. Its climate is generally characterized by alternating between a dry season (December to April) and wet season (May to November). However, the country can be visited all year round even during the rainy season, the weather is usually fine during the first half of the day, it is only in the afternoon that you may be surprised by short (but torrential) showers. At this season the prices are lower than in high season. The Central Valley, where are the capital San Jose and TACACORI Ecolodge, is affected by a "perpetual spring" with temperatures of 22 to 28 ° Celcius throughout the year.

How many rooms are there at TACACORI Ecolodge ?
The ecolodge has 4 bedrooms. All are equipped with bathrooms with shower, toilet and hot water.

Where are you located exactly ?
TACACORI Ecolodge is located in the right place to start or finish your trip to Costa Rica. To be more precise, it is located in a residential area called Tacacori. This peaceful and quiet small town is located near many shops and attractions. For more information visit our situation page.

Can I come on my own ?
You can access TACACORI Ecolodge with a taxi or a rental vehicle.

What kind of vehicle do I need to come to TACACORI Ecolodge ?
The road from the airport is tarmac and practicable in light cars. However, to move throughout the country, an four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended.

Where can I park my vehicle ?
We have a car park at the entrance to the property, where our residents can park their vehicle safely.

Is an international license necessary to rent a car in Costa Rica ?
No, you can rent a car in Costa Rica with your driver's license issued in your country.

Are there shops close to the ecolodge ?
The city of Alajuela is about 5 km south of the Ecolodge. There is a great choice of shops and restaurants. Supermarket at 3km.

Will you keep my luggage before check-in or after check-out ?
Yes, we will. If you arrive early, we will store the luggage at the front desk.We can also do so after check-out. Please feel free to ask one of our staff.(However, we can not keep any valuables,food items, and dangerous items.)

Can I invite non-staying guests to my room?
No, we cannot allow you to invite non-staying guests to your room. Please consult the front desk if you have special needs.

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