What are the formalities to go to Costa Rica ?
To enter the country, citizens of the EU must hold a passport valid 6 months after the date of return. The residence permit is valid for 90 days. To stay longer, it is necessary to request an extension from the Office of Immigration : Migración, Dep. de Extranjeros, C. 21, Av. 6/8 (on the road to the airport, opposite the Hospital México) Tel : 900-1234567
The day of your departure, you must pay an airport tax of USD 29.

How long is the journey by plane ?
The duration of the trip from Europe varies from 10 to 20 hours depending on the price, route and stopovers. From the United States the duration of the flights varies according to the departure city, the price an stopovers, from 2h45 to10 hours.

What airlines fly Costa Rica ?
Most U.S. airlines serving Costa Rica daily.
Air France provides a daily flight to San Jose via Caracas or through the U.S. in partnership with American companies.
From Switzerland, a daily flight from Zurich via Dallas where connection is to San Jose on a flight operated by American Airlines.
From Brussels, SN Brussels Airlines, offers two daily flights to Miami where you take an American company to San Jose.
The only direct flights from Europe are offered by : the Spanish airline Iberia (direct flights from Madrid) Martinair and Condor, the charter airlines that fly nonstop to Costa Rica from the Netherlands and Germany.
Air Canada connects San Jose from Toronto daily.

What time difference is there between Europe and Costa Rica ?
Costa Rica is 7 hours behind the Central European Time, which is GMT - 6. In summer, the difference with the Central European time is 8 hours.

What are the telephone ?
To join Costa Rica from United States or Canada : 011 + 506 + phone number - 8 digits
To join United States from Costa Rica : 00 + 1 + tel number.
To call any other country visit this link :

Who to call in an emergency ?
The phone number for all types of emergencies, valid throughout the country is 911




Find a cheaper flight

Billet avion pour le Costa Rica

- Book as early as possible, especially during the peak season (Christmas and New Year) and during the dry season from December to April (summer in Costa Rica). December and January are the most expensive months.
- Take advantage of « low season » or « off season » rates
- Compare the prices of flights on the internet.
- You may also book directly with airlines. They do not sell all tickets to travel agents and can offer e-tickets or electronic tickets without fees or shipping agency and last-minute tickets at attractive prices.
- Choose flights Monday through Thursday, you avoid the higher weekend prices.