Are there any beds for children ?
The ecolodge has a family room (4 beds or 2 adults and 2 children). For toddlers, a cot may be set in some rooms in the parents room.

Are the villas air-conditioned ?
No because in the Central Valley air conditioning is not necessary, temperatures is around 20 ° to 28 ° throughout the year. Villas are equipped with natural ventilation to reduce energy consumption and fight against global warming

What kind of room is there to TACACORI Ecolodge ?

There are 4 independent villas being able to accommodate from 2 to 4 people according to the room.

Is there a telephone or television in the rooms ?
Currently, there is no phone or television in the rooms.

Can we call from the Ecolodge ?
Yes, at the reception (only local call).

Can I connect my electrical equipment in my room ?
In Costa Rica voltage is 110-120 volts 60 hertz. In general, you can find American-style flat plugs. For your equipment, it is necessary to bring an adapter.
In addition to the regular 120 volts (U.S. standard), we have 220 volts in European standard, in the bedroom and the bathroom.

Do you have internet access ?
Yes, each casita have a FREE Internet access. We also have a computer with a broadband modem at your disposal at the reception during the opening hours. (30 mn. daily per room)
* Please note that our Internet service does not guarantee connection for all guests. Some PCs may not connect depending on the settings.

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Our privative villas offer a serene and relaxing atmosphere and benefit from all the modern comfort.
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