A large garden to enjoy the luxuriant nature

Tacacori Ecolodge

Water, stone and green colors of the garden come together in perfect harmony inviting you to relax. Take a sunbath on your private terrace. All year long, the park allows you to enjoy the fullness of the costa rican sun while enjoying the terraces and landscape.

In the large garden of TACACORI Ecolodge, you will discover many tropical plants and a rich collection of orchids.

Cross the coffee plantation, and then follow the "nature trail" in the heart of a beautiful rainforest to Rio Tacacori. A quarter of known butterflies in the world can be found in the Central Valley.

This luxuriant tropical vegetation attracts a wide variety of birds as well, such as toucans, hummingbirds, parrots, motmots, oropendolas... Maybe you'll have the chance to see some small local mammals such as armadillo or the family of squirrels that inhabits the large trees.

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What exuberance !

heliconia Costa Rica

Just a little breeze to give movement to the vegetation of the garden. See the stems, leaves and flowers sway gently in our ears in a soft rustle.

Our eyes catch all the shapes, colors and movements. Our ears can feel the soft rustle, and delightful fragrances wrap us constantly. Our senses are being shattered as we travel through the garden, stopping by here and there to enjoy a smooth touch of a leave...

Tacacori - Costa Rica