Citadines escapades and craft

Typical small towns that offer a charming atmosphere to dig into Costa Rican culture.


Sarchi - Costa Rica

This small city is the capital of the Costa Rican crafts. The famous painted carts are made here.

Many souvenir shops with gifts and crafts from Central America.

Sarchi is also famous for its light blue church decorated with small colorful frescoes, decorations reminiscent of oxcarts.

Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 1 h


Grecia - Costa Rica

Grecia is known for its imposing dark red Gothic church.

Its prefabricated steel plates were imported from Belgium in the 1890's.

Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 1 h 30 mn


Zarcero - Costa Rica

This peaceful village perched at 1700 meters above sea level is renowned for its topiary garden outside the church, where the cypress bushes are shaped to represent different animals.

Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 2 h

Boyero's Day

Jour du boyero - Costa Rica

Perhaps one of the most colourful Costa Rican traditions is the annual Oxcart Driver's Day, celebrated in San Antonio de Escazú on the second weekend of March.

This activity is a tribute and celebration of what was one the main means of transportation for Costa Ricans. What is unique about the carreta de bueyes, or oxcart, is the continuous sound it produces when its heavy wheels hit the road, producing a song so unique that each oxcart can be recognized by its melody. The parade of beautifully decorated oxcarts is the main event on Sunday, with participants coming from as far as Guanacaste to go to the town's Catholic church to receive a blessing.

Typical food, marimba music, dance and firecrackers are also present on the Día del Boyero.

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