A destination rich in emotion and adrenaline

Opportunities to practise a sport in Costa Rica are almost limitless. In forests, by the sea or on rivers, lakes, there will always be an activity that will seduce you.

Canopy tour in the rainforest of "Colinas del Poas"

Canopy tour - Colinas del Poas - Costa Rica

100% adrenaline guaranteed. The Canopy tour in the middle of the rainforest near the Poas Volcano, is a unique experience for fans of strong emotions.

14 cables and 24 platforms, for a total route of 2 km.

This is the most exciting tour in the Central Valley. Several hiking trails are offered in the area for walkers.

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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 30 mn

"Bungee Jumping"

Bunguee Jumping - Costa Rica

The most adventurous poeple can practice the 80 feet bungee jumping from an old bridge overlooking the Colorado River near Grecia in the province of Alajuela. You can also practice climbing.

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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 30 mn


Rafting - Pacuare - Costa Rica

Strong feelings guaranteed on tempestuous waters or descent gently in a relaxed atmosphere, the whole in perfect decorations the practice of the rafting in Costa Rica has for grand frames of numerous rivers.
Take advantage of rainy season and schedule your descent in rafting from May till October, when the flow of streams is for its maximum. With a level difficulty II in V stream attract as much the beginners as the experimented sportsmen.

The most renowned streams of the country are Pacuare and Reventazón, both placed on the Caribbean coast, near Turrialba.

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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 2 h 30


planche à voile - Costa Rica

The lake Arenal, situated in the zone of Tilarán was classified by the world champions of this discipline as " one of five better places of the world to practise this sport ".
The regularity, the speed and the intensity of the wind facilitate the practice of this sport, particularly for the beginners. During rainy season, the average speed of the wind is 50 kph. .

For those who prefer the big spaces and the waves, numerous sites distributed on both coast will doubtless answer your waits.

Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 2 h 30


Surf - Costa Rica

Perfect waves, powerful spotlights, beaches as far as the eye can see and ideal temperature of the water ... Costa Rica is certainly the paradise of the surfers of the whole world.

Since the central valley, in a few hours only, you take advantage of magnificent beaches, of cliffs, of mouths of rivers...

The country offers so much to the experimented surfers that to those who practise it more occasionally a choice of spotlights which will be convenient for each.

Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 2 h

Horse riding

Promenade à cheval - Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, horse riding are possible at the edge of beaches, in countrysideor small villages as well as on the forest paths. Once the time of adaptation to the frame, to the stirrups and to the reins past, these rides will constitute very pleasant times. Horse riding are also excellent opportunities to observe birds and feel close to the nature.

Mountain bike

VTT - Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a perfect destination for the cyclists. This means of locomotion is doubtless the best adapted to get all the details which offers the tropical environment because he allows to travel in human speed.

So we are in direct contact with the nature and the population.

That is for quiet strolls in family or for more technical routes with big difference in level , the country offers numerous possibilities. Novice or confirmed amateurs, all find their happiness there.


Kayak de mer - Costa Rica

With 1.290 km of coast, two gulfs and a multitude of tropical estuaries, Costa Rica is the ideal destination for the sea kayak.
On the Pacific Coast, the peninsula of Nicoya, offers a magnificent route which goes along beaches of palm trees, rocky vaults abounding in birds and in crabs in the lively colors.
On the Caribbean coast, the National park Tortuguero is considered as its extraordinary network of lagoons and channels in the middle of the tropical ecosystem.

The kayak of river is practised on the river San Juan, on the lake Arenal and on certain estuaries.

Treks, hiking and climbing

Trekking - Costa Rica

Costa Rica crossed by several mountain ranges offers multiple possibilities of treks and hikes.
That is on the sides of volcanoes, through the paths of the national parks, in the primeval forest or on the warm sand, numerous circuits allow the discovery on foot of the most beautiful landscapes of Costa Rica. .

You can also tempt the climb of Cerro Chirripo, highlight of Costa Rica. For that purpose, a walking from 7 to 12 hours and at two nights spent in height will be necessary, an excellent physical condition being naturally required.

Golf "Los Reyes" in La Guacima

Golf Los Reyes - La Guacima - Costa Rica 9 holes Golf Course designed by Robertson Ward & Associates.

Total length of 2 667 m 2 for men and 488 m for women.

Very attractive and very well maintained course.
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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge : 30 mn

Transat Jacques Vabre in Costa Rica

The Transatlantic race Jacques Vabre 2011 is the tenth edition of the Transatlantic race Jacques Vabre, so called The Road of the coffee.

Skippers left Havre (France) on November 2nd for a planned arrival to Puerto Limon (Costa Rica)

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