Cultural heritage to discover

Museums of Costa Rica are the heirs of a diverse heritage and cultural vestiges of a shared history with visitors.

"Teatro Nacional” (National Theater)

Teatro Nacional- Costa Rica

The National Theater is probably the building in which the Costa Ricans are most proud.
All the most important events in the nation are held there.

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"Museo de los niños" (Museum of Children)

Museo de los niños - Costa Rica

This modern museum has been specially created for children.

It has a fifty exhibitions tracing the cultural and scientific activities of the country.

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"Museo del Jade" (Jade Museum)

Museo del Jade - Costa Rica

This museum houses an interesting collection of pre-Columbian art (gold, ceramic, jade and stone) it is the only one in the Americas specializing in native crafts jade.

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"Museo del Oro" (Gold Museum)

Museo del Oro - Costa Rica

It presents a beautiful collection of indigenous gold considered one of the most valuable in the world.

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"Museo Nacional" (National Museum)

Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo - Costa Rica

Spécifiquement destiné à la promotion, l’investigation et la réflexion sur les diverses manifestations aussi bien nationales qu’internationales de l’art contemporain. The largest and most comprehensive museum on the history and culture of Costa Rica.

The exhibits trace the history of the nation from pre-Columbian era to contemporary times.

This museum is located in old barracks, the fortress Bellavista.

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"Museo Nacional" (musée national)

Museo Nacional - Costa Rica

Le plus grand et le plus complet des musées traitant de l'histoire et de la culture costaricienne.

Les expositions retracent l'histoire de la nation de l'ère précolombienne à l'époque contemporaine.

Ce musée est situé dans une ancienne caserne, la forteresse Bellavista.
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Travel time from TACACORI EcoLodge pour l'ensemble de ces musées : approximately 30 mn

Las Bolas Grandes

 Boules de pierre - Costa Rica

Picture taken at the National Museum of San Jose.

Even with the tools and techniques available today, by hand carving a perfect sphere in a block of granite is a real challenge!
This challenge was held by craftsmen of Central America, who carved Las Bolas Grandes (large balls of stone), approximately 1 600 years ago according to some theories.